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Friday, 7 January 2011

The 'Hug Factor' in my Child-to-Adult Harness

You know when you hold the door for someone or say "Good morning" when you pass them on the sidewalk? Your simple gesture of kindness, something that you do all the time, may have just had a big impact on that strangers' day.

You start out doing one thing and all sorts of unexpected rewards jump out from nowhere for someone else.

That's the way I feel about my Child-to-Adult Harness. I love the design and I know it's comfortable to wear and I know it's incredibly effective in keeping people much stronger than me safe. Heck, my customers with autism and ADHD wear their harness every day all day year in year out. What more endorsement do I need?

Well the lovely thing that is happening is the completely unexpected "rewards" that my customers are getting from their harness, benefits that I didn't see coming and either did they.

Take for example the man who ordered my Child-to-Adult Harness for his brother who is living in an assisted facility. In true brotherly fashion, he wore the harness himself for a number of days before even showing it to his brother. By the way, this made perfect sense to me because I would have done exactly the same for my sister. He was great with his emails and he always kept me updated with reports about how it was going with the harness. He ended up really enjoying wearing it because he said it was so comfortable and made him feel like he was being hugged all the time. 

How could either of us seen that one coming? 

I have had a number of customers tell me their child would bring their harness to them to have it put on, even if they weren't going out. I've heard this so many times but I really didn't know what to make of it until now. It's the Hug Factor! And given the way I know God has created and directed my business, I think it's incredibly fantastic that He's literally hugging His beautiful children this way.


  1. This is great! Makes sense that is why my son also loves wearing his - cause it feels like a hug. Keep up the good work Elaine :)

  2. Hey SuperMom! Thanks for writing in, great to hear your news! God Bless you and your little guy and Happy New Year :) E