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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sweatshirt to wear over our Special Needs Safety Harness, $19.99

New to our product line, we are now selling Sweatshirts, $19.99, that your child can wear over their Special Needs Safety Harness

Rather than adjust their harness to fit over another layer of clothing each time you need to go out, simply put the Sweatshirt on over their Harness and attach the lead through the slot at the back of the Sweatshirt. 

Headed to the park? Going for your walk? Maybe you're off to the doctor's office or you need to do some shopping at the mall. Wherever you're headed, your child will be wearing their Harness, and having one of our Sweatshirts gives you the flexibility to quickly add a cosy layer of clothing to keep them warm when they are outside. Once you've reached your destination or if they get too hot when playing it's a simple matter to remove the Sweatshirt so they are comfortable. Their Special Needs Harness does not need to be removed or adjusted. 

Our Sweatshirts are top quality, heavy blend, 50% cotton 50% polyester pre-shrunk crew neck garments with rich colour and a soft brushed interior. With plenty of room through the body and lots of length in the sleeve, your child will get (almost) as many years use from their Sweatshirt as they will from their Special Needs Safety Harness.

Our model is 10 years old and has a 27 inch chest. He is wearing a Pacific Blue Special Needs Safety Harness made with a Permanent Handle and a Navy Blue Medium Sweatshirt.

1. Put the Harness on as usual 2. Put the Sweatshirt on over top 3. Attach the lead to the back through the slot 

4. Pull the Handle through the slot 5. Use the Handle as normal 6. The lead and Handle together

Our Sweatshirts are ideal for making the Special Needs Safety Harness a discreet addition to your child's wardrobe. If you feel self-conscious using your Harness in public, one of our Sweatshirts may help. The Harness will be essentially hidden by the Sweatshirt. Use the Permanent Handle to keep your child by your side, or one of our Hands-free Parent Tethers

Our Sweatshirts are available in Navy Blue, Black, and Red. We currently carry Youth sizes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The Youth size Small will comfortably fit our youngest customers, and the generous sizing of the Large and Extra Large will fit the majority of our older customers. However, if an Adult size or Ladies size Sweatshirt is required, these can be quickly and easily ordered separately. 

You can order your Sweatshirt when you order your Special Needs Safety Harness.

If you already have one of our Special Needs Safety Harnesses and you would like one of our Sweatshirts for your child, place your order through our Contact Us page. Let us know the size and colour you would like, best to confirm your mailing address as well.