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Thursday, 10 February 2011


It's exhausting.
Waiting for news.
Any news.
Good news or bad news, just tell us something.
Help us cope with waiting.

We worry while waiting.
Will everything be ok?
What about pain?
Will there be blood?

Blood. We hope there won't be any. That would be wonderful. No blood and manageable pain. Dare we hope for such perfect conditions.

Time has stopped. Can that be possible? The clock says No. But there's no news. Nothing different, nothing that we haven't heard before. So time must have stopped. Wait until tomorrow to hear news. But I want good news now. I want news that everything has turned out fine. That everyone is ok. That there's been no blood. That it's been a great start to a new beginning.

But we haven't heard that yet.

And so we wait.

For the birth of democracy in Egypt.